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Red Earth Shampoo & Conditioning Bar

Red Earth Shampoo & Conditioning Bar

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Made with an Australian native, niaouli, a dog-safe alternative to tea tree, and Australian red clay inspired by the red center of Australia.  This bar is for when your pooch goes bush. When in the outback you want something that will bite back all the bugs that bite and nip. The blend of essential oils in our red earth dog shampoo bar will help to deter all those pesky mozzies, ticks, and fleas.


Spring Water, Australian Red Clay, Sodium Lactate.

Saponified Oils - Coconut, Olive, Avocado, Camellia, Castor, Evening Primrose, Neem.

Essential Oils - Niaouli, Petitgrain, Sweet Majoram, Gingergrass.


The Benefits of a Dog Shampoo Bar

Back to Nature Co. dog shampoo bars are made with 100% natural ingredients without any added preservatives or chemicals you might find in a liquid shampoo. This makes a bar better for your pet’s coat and skin.

Shampoo bars are light, compact, and won’t spill in the car, making them perfect to take on that camping trip or holiday.

The process of washing a dog with a dog shampoo bar can be calming for the dog, this makes bath time a much more relaxing experience for all involved.

Back to Nature Co. hygiene products are handcrafted for your dog with 100% natural ingredients and are completely palm oil, sulfate, and paraben-free.


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Questions We Get Asked

How should I store my shampoo bar?

Your shampoo bar should be stored somewhere dry with access to airflow after use. We suggest a soap dish or open container. Our products are made of only natural ingredients and will not maintain their structure if left wet. 

How many washes will I get from a shampoo bar? 

We can't give you a clear answer. Each bar can last multiple washes dependent on a few factors, how big your dog is, how dirty they are and how frequent you wash.

Can I use the snout soother on my dogs paws? 

Yes you can, however it won't have the same anti-bacterial properties as the paw balm. The paw balm however should not be applied to a dogs face as the scent would be overwhelming to the dog.