A Little More About Us

Back to Nature Co. is a pet retail company located in the New England area of NSW. 

At Back To Nature Co. we believe that letting a dog into your life is not only one of the most fulfilling decisions you can make but one that creates a truly unique and loving bond. 

Our promise to you is to deliver products we have researched and formulated to be what we believe is the best product for your animal. Back to Nature Co. started as a way for us to better understand how to care for our pets and in the process we discovered the benefits of a healthier lifestyle with our dogs.

Any dog owner can attest to the fact that their dog has been their biggest supporter, the happy greeting after a day at work or the shoulder to cry on during the tough moments. That's why we believe it's our responsibility to help them be the healthiest and happiest pups they can be.

We hope to inspire you to look to nature, the world is full of adventure especially with a furry friend beside you. 

 We really hope you enjoy our products and we look forward to hearing from all of you on our social media and at our market stall.