Questions We Get Asked

How should I store my shampoo bar?

Your shampoo bar should be stored somewhere dry with access to airflow after use. We suggest a soap dish or open container. Our products are made of only natural ingredients and will not maintain their structure if left wet.   

Can I use the snout soother on my dogs paws? 

Yes you can, however it won't have the same anti-bacterial properties as the paw balm. The paw balm however should not be applied to a dogs face as the scent would be overwhelming to the dog.

Do you have a physical retail outlet? 

No we don't. We are predominantly online but have a market stall that moves throughout the region and attends special events.

Will the charcoal shampoo bar stain my dog? 

Not at all. Like any product made with charcoal you may see some run off in the water during a wash but don't worry, that white coat will be nice and shiny when you are done.

How many washes will I get from a shampoo bar? 

We can't give you a clear answer. Each bar can last multiple washes dependent on a few factors: how big your dog is, how dirty they are and how frequent you wash.

What if my dog has a reaction to your product?

Each of our products have been specifically formulated for dogs and do not contain anything harmful. If your dog is having a reaction we strongly recommend you see a vet to make sure nothing more serious is afoot. 

Why does the shampoo bar I purchased look like a different colour to the ones pictured on your website?

The simple answer is the ingredients aren't always the same colour. When dealing with natural products we don't always get colour we are expecting when receiving ingredients. We try our best to keep the honey bar golden and the pine forest bar green.