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Brown Poodle Plush

Brown Poodle Plush

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Juliet is a poodle. Known for their outrageous haircuts these pampered pooches are one of the most intelligent breeds out there. A poodle's coat consists of hair and not fur which means less shedding.

The stuffing for Juliet was made using recycled plastic bottles from regenerated ocean waste.

Juliet measures 30cm/12″ in length, 13cm/5″ in height (to the top of her head) and 13cm/5″ in width.


Suitable for Ages 3+

Emotional Support Stuffed Animal (ESSA)



Designed in Australia

Made in Indonesia 

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Questions We Get Asked

How should I store my shampoo bar?

Your shampoo bar should be stored somewhere dry with access to airflow after use. We suggest a soap dish or open container. Our products are made of only natural ingredients and will not maintain their structure if left wet. 

How many washes will I get from a shampoo bar? 

We can't give you a clear answer. Each bar can last multiple washes dependent on a few factors, how big your dog is, how dirty they are and how frequent you wash.

Can I use the snout soother on my dogs paws? 

Yes you can, however it won't have the same anti-bacterial properties as the paw balm. The paw balm however should not be applied to a dogs face as the scent would be overwhelming to the dog.